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You should have your eyes examined. No really, at least once a year. Sight is one of our most precious senses, trust a professional eyecare specialist to help you maintain eye health and see as clearly as possible. A complete eyecare exam includes not just a vision check, but a look insides your eyes and a glaucoma test. Visit one of our eyecare providers for expert help and a full range of eyecare products, from contacts to eyeglasses, to seamless bi and tri-focals.
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Front Street Optometric Care

Having your annual eye exam is more than just having your vision checked. Even if you think that your vision is fine or you have had LASIK, you still need to have regular eye exams to check the health of your eyes.

273 North Front Street
Ph: 910.341.4556

Eye Care Associates — Medical Center — 1729 New Hanover Medical Park Drive  •  Ph: 910.763.3601

Eye Care Associates — Monkey Junction — 5611 Carolina Beach Rd # E  •  Ph: 910.790.0212

Jeffery R. Coleman, OD — 919 South 16th Street  •  Ph: 910.762.4004 ‎

Landfall Eye Associates Dr. Edward Paul — 1135 Military Cutoff Road #203  •  Ph: 910.256.6364 ‎

Vision Works of Wilmington — 4514 Oleander Drive  •  Ph: 910.392.5522