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No doubt barbecue (barbeque, bbq) is a Southern tradition and speciality, but there are various regional types of cue, even within North Carolina. Like Lexington Barbecue vs East Carolina vinegar based sauces. There are many styles of ribs, chopped barbecue, brisket and more. And don’t forget the sides… hushpuppies, cornbread, biscuits, Oh, my. Annually, Wilmington enjoys the kings of ribs at the Port City Rib Fest held in August. Pass the sauce, please.

Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue

Authentic Eastern, NC barbecue pulled pork, chicken, ribs, sides and more for eat-in, take out, and catering.

920 South Kerr Avenue
Ph: 910.799.1581
Fax: 910.799.8288

Fu Wangz Crazy Good Wings

Look for the sign in the window “Wangz On Deck” and you’ll know you just found Wilmington’s hidden gem, Fu Wangz, with a fantastic selection of made-to-order wings.

2105 Carolina Beach Rd
Ph: (910) 228-9541

Carolina BBQ — 1602 S College Road  •  Ph: 910-799-3464

Carolina BBQ Murrayville — 2307 N College Road  •  Ph: 910-392-1955

Casey's Buffet BBQ & Home Cooking — 5550 Oleander Drive  •  Ph: 910-798-2913

Duke's Old South BBQ Restaurant —  318 Village Rd NE  •  Ph: 910-833-8321

Mission BBBQ — 351 South College Road  •  Ph: 910-338-2858

Smithfield's Chicken 'n' Bar-B-Q — 7300 Market Street  •  Ph: 910-686-4175

Smithfield's Chicken 'n' Bar-B-Q — 3705 Patriot Way  •  Ph: 910-686-4175