Own Your Own Business—Career Opportunity!

Career opportunity to join a worldwide team of Rodin+ Fields sales consultants as your own business with tremendous income potential.


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Rodan + Fields
Skin Care Products
As Your Own Business.

This is your opportunity to Own Your Own Business as a Rodan +Fields Dermatologists Consultant. Doctors Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields, Stanford-trained physicians have created a remarkable and highly effective line of anit-aging skin care products. Now you can become a top sales consultant in the Wilmington and South Eastern North Carolina area selling these sought after products that truly make a tremendous difference in fighting back the effects of age.

What more could you ask of your own business?

The Awareness and Credibility of A Billion Dollar Brand? -Proactiv® Acne treatment 85% Share of OTC Market, Rodan +Fields is the fastest growing company in the $2.5 Billion (and growing) Anti-Aging Skin Care Segment.
We offer an extensive family of Multi-Med regimens with clinical trials to support efficacy. Tell the story with hundreds of before & after success stories. You’ll be part of an Internet Driven Business with your own website and access for your customers to buy from you right on-line. We provide online, phone in-person training and support to guide you every step of the way.

  • On-phone Dermatological Nurse Hotline
  • Dozens of testimonials.
  • Dozens of youtube videos.
  • Marketing Materials – collateral, templates, videos.
  • No Boss.
  • No Set Schedule, work your business at your pace.
  • No territorial limits. (In USA)
  • No Limit to Income Potential.
  • No sales manager to re-work your business if you “make too much”, on the contrary, you are a member of a network that is dedicated to your success.
  • No Inventories. Orders ship directly to customers. No A/R Collections.
  • Use the Products, Share the results.
  • Earn supplemental income or make it your priority and earn Legacy Wealth!

3 ways to buy products:

  • Retail -buy on line, directly from your .com website (included in initial investment)
  • Preferred Customer- discounts on products, free shipping, auto-ship every 2 months.
  • Consultant- Earns commissions on sale of products and on sales of products by “downline” consultants – residual income, compounded.

Commissions loaded directly to your account with Debit Card access.

Requires no business licenses or up front taxes. You’ll receive a 1099 Form  at year end. Your business is “sellable” and “will-able” to your heirs.

Low Initial Investment: $700.00 to $1,000.00. Unlimited Income Potential!

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Notable Quotes

“To partner with the doctors that created Proactiv and be able to leverage their name and likeness is a GIFT beyond anything I ever imagined. They created an anti-age skin care line that gives prescription grade skin care to everyone without a visit to your dermatologist.”
“Great group of people to support and help you grow y our own business! Products are AMAZING and sell themselves!”
“You can set your own goals, receive excellent training, connect with people, and help improve their lives. The more you work at it, the higher are the monetary rewards and incentives.”
“Some of the best reasons to invest yourself in this company are that you are your own boss! You work from home, which is great for stay-at-home parents, busy people, and really for anyone who wants to just work from their couch in pajamas sometimes! The possibilities are endless to be a part of such a well-rounded, reputable company, and continue to be more and more lucrative!”
“How well you do is completely up to you. The sky’s the limit. With a little effort you can be making a nice extra income. With a lot of effort you can make a really substantial income. Relatively new company, so you are getting in on the ground floor. GREAT support from your partners and the company.”