Robert's Grocery And Market Wrightsville Beach

Since 1919, Robert’s Grocery and Market has provided beach goers the necessities they need as well as the luxuries from beer and wine, to groceries, to delicious Nye’s Cream Sandwiches. Robert’s is a Wrightsville Beach institution.


Robert’s Is A Wrightsville Beach Institution

Ask anyone who has visited or vacationed on Wrightsville Beach, NC, and they’ll tell you about Robert’s Grocery Store and Market.

Robert’s Market was established in 1919 and is Wrightsville Beach’s oldest store and remains its only grocery sore and market. Robert’s is well known for its steaks, Robert’s homemade salads, particularly Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad—a local legend. Robert’s is the perfect place for finding just the right meal to take along the beach, or grabbing a delicious dinner after a log day boating!
It’s everything a neighborhood grocery store ought to be, and it is a joy to visit. You’ll find resh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, canned goods, sandwich makings, paper plates and picnic items, even wine and beer – it’s all here at Robert’s.

Here’s a typical selection from the steam table in the back of the store:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Meat loaf
  • Honey Glazed Carrots
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Cranberry Cobbler
  • Four bean Vegetarian Soup
  • Famous Chicken Salad

accessicon Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad

Robert’s Market launched retail sales of Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad in select cities throughout North Carolina. As a result of its success, through generations of Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad customers and new customers, Harris Teeter now offers our Chicken Salad in all of its stores. Whether you live near Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC, or whether you just come to visit, you’ll be able to get the Chicken Salad you’ve come to know and love in Harris Teeter locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC!
Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad became famous because “Once you try it, you can’t help telling people about it.” If you love the Chicken Salad, share this news with others through word of mouth and Facebook. Become a fan of the “Robert’s Famous Chicken Salad” page or email your friends. Of course, there’s nothing like buying it right from the source, so go and try some for yourself.

accessicon Have A Nye’s Day—Nye’s Cream Sandwiches

Nye’s Cream Sandwiches are unique for several reasons. First, they are truly hand-crafted and made by people, not machines. They shun trendy flavors and embrace classic American combinations, such as Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peppermint Chocolate, Chocolate Pecan, Key Lime Pie and Coconut Chocolate. These tasty sandwich treats are portable and neat to eat. Each one is wrapped in parchment paper, which catches melting ice cream and keeps your fingers clean! The wrapping and consistent size/shape of the sandwiches means they can ship sandwiches where others are stuck serving messy sandwiches in paper boats with a spoon. Nye’s sandwiches are intended to evoke memories of simpler days gone by when a trip to the ice cream parlor or a warm plate of cookies made everything better. In short, they just want people to “Have a Nye’s Day!”

Wrightsville Beach
32 North Lumina Avenue
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
910- 256-2641
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Notable Quotes

“Nice little market but the real draw for us is the Nye’s Cream scoop shop and ice cream sandwiches.  Don’t bother with the other ice cream on this little strip–Nye’s can’t be beat.  I especially enjoyed the combination of key lime/toasted coconut in a chocolate waffle cone—the waffle cone is included in the price!.”
” Don’t miss Robert’s Market when you visit Wilmington, NC. It’s a must for any visitor, if not for the Chicken Salad, then for the ice cream.” — Our State Magazine
“I just found their pimento cheese in a Charlotte Harris Teeter store.  OMG!  It is fabulous!  I come from Lexington, NC, and this one is the best I’ve ever had!  Plenty of pimentos!”
“Seriously the best chicken salad I have ever had.”