Wilmington’s Best Chicken Wings!

Want to know who has the best chicken wings in Wilmington? We’re gonna find out in our 3rd Annual Best Wings Competition.


Tuesday June 14th 5:30 – 10:30 pm, 2016
Wednesday June 15th 5:30 – 10:30 pm, 2016


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94.5 The Hawk and
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 the 3rd Annual

Who has the
Tastiest Wings
of them all?


250 Racine Dr #15
Near UNCW Wilmington

It began with a search for Wings Aficionados, self-professed wings lovers that were willing to go at it for two nights straight—tackling some of Wilmington’s top sports bars and wing joints. Taste testing over 500 wings, the judges award points in multiple categories in search of the very best wings in town.
A panel of six judges will visited 5 restaurants on June 14th and 5 more on June 15th to critically judge wings in categories such as Best Traditional Buffalo Wings, Best Creative Wings, Best Sauce, Best Hot Wings, Meatiest Wings and Best Wings Presentation.
The judges assess wing entries in a each category scoring on a point system of 10 to 1. 10 being the highest score.


250 Racine Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA

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Notable Quotes

“Every one of these restaurants serves terrific wings. They are all to be congratulated on an outstanding effort!” – Hap
“I eat wings five days a week!” — Ryan
“I evaluate the presentation, aroma, seasonings, texture and how they finish !” — Scott
“I can’t wait for each sports season to arrive, so I can use that sport as an excuse to nosh on wings! ” — Melinda
“I’ve been searching twenty five years for the perfect wing.” — Mike
“One does not eat wings due to hunger…” —Melinda