Disc Golfing or Frisbee Golf in Wilmington

Disc golf is a unique and exciting sport that combines the action of Frisbee with the strategy and dexterity of traditional golf. The difference is that, instead of trying to land a ball in a hole, disc golf is played by tossing specially designed discs into wire baskets. Courses are about one-third the size of traditional golf course and can have 9 to 27 “holes” (baskets.) One of the fastest growing sports in the world, disc golf is a fun and challenging game for both body and mind.

Where to Play

Castle Hayne Park
For quality disc golfing in Wilmington, your best bet is to check out Castle Hayne Park. Located conveniently off the interstate (I-40), the park’s course is large, challenging, and has great hole variation.
Kure Beach Disc Golf Course
Head to one of the nearby beaches for another excellent course, the Kure Beach Disc Golf Course at Joe Eakes Park.  Located between K Ave and 7th Ave the 18 hole course is a PAR 61. Admission is Free.
If you’re a die-hard player, consider getting involved with the New Hanover DGC (www.newhanoverdgc.com), a Wilmington-based disc golf club that offers regular meetings, competitions, and an ever-changing event calendar.

Disc Golf Gear

Before you can hit the course you’re going to need some gear. Find great disc golf supplies at Great Outdoor Provision Company or Omega Sports, both located in Hanover Center (3501 Oleander Drive), Play it Again Sports at 3530 S College Rd, or Dick’s Sporting Goods at 816 S College Rd. There you can stock up on all the necessary goods to keep your game at its best.
Now that you have the gear and a place to play, the only thing left to do is to go out and have fun!

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