Off-Leash Dog Parks in Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC residents love their pets!  Walk around town on a nice sunny day and you’ll see more dogs than you may have expected.  Wilmington dog owners are very responsible, taking them for daily walks, keeping their pets on a leash, and cleaning up after them.  But what about when we want to let our dogs run around off leash and let them burn off their excess energy?  Leash walks don’t always fit the bill. Sometimes our dogs need to run free and play.  To help you know where you can go to let your dog run, we’ve put together this information on dog parks in Wilmington and New Hanover County including Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.
Empie Park Dog Park – Located within Empie Park at 3405 Park Avenue. Completely fenced in with large dog and small dog areas, water and pet waste stations, and plenty of shade.  Free and open dawn to dusk.  Visit to learn more.
Hugh McRae Dog Park – Located withing Hugh McRae Park at 314 Pine Grove Drive. Shaded area with picnic tables.  This dog park is not fenced in. Free and open dawn to dusk.
Ogden Dog Park – Located within Ogden Park at 615 Ogden Park Drive off of Gordon Road.  Fenced in area, mostly sand, and plenty of shade.  Faucet for water with bowls provided.
Carolina Beach Dog Park – Located within Mike Chappell Park off Dow Road. Fenced-in area, no shade.
Kure Beach Dog Park – Located within Joe Eakes Park on K Avenue going west, across the street from the Kure Beach Police Department. Fenced-in area behind the playground and the tennis courts. Also known as the Gurney Hood Dog Bark!

Wilmington Off-Leash Dog Park Rules:

These specific rules apply to the City of Wilmington Dog Park at Empie Park but are great rules to apply to any dog park for the safety and enjoyment of the puppies and their owners.
Always Clean Up After Your Dog.
Children Under Age 12 Are Not Permitted.
Dogs Must Have Current License And Current Vaccinations.
Dogs That Act In An Aggressive Manner Must Be Muzzled Or Removed.
Persistent Mounting or Other Dominant Behavior Is Not Allowed.
Owners Are Responsible For Any Injuries Caused By Their Dogs.
Food & Toys Are Not Allowed In The Dog Park.
Active Supervision Of Dogs Is Required.
Do Not Leave Dogs Unattended.
Upon Entering Or Leaving The Dog Park, Dogs Must Be On A Leash At All Times.
Female Dogs In Heat Are Prohibited.
Puppies Less Than 4 Months Of Age Are Prohibited.
Running, Ball Playing And Riding A Bike Are Not Permitted.
Keep us updated about your experience with the off-leash dog parks in Wilmington by posting on the AccessWilmington Facebook Page.  Enjoy!