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Walking path in Wilmington, NC

Greenfield Lake - Wilmington NC Walking Path

For the avid walker, Wilmington has many locations which can be utilized to keep up the daily regimen. Whether you walk for an amount of time, or run/walk a certain distance every day, there are several options to choose from. The great thing about walking or running is you can do this just about anywhere and blaze your own path! From the local beaches to downtown, the historic district to Airlie Gardens, there is a place for everyone to get their walk on. Check out some of the following locations or be creative and create then post your own routes!

Greenfield Park

US Hwy 421 S, Wilmington NC 910.762.5606
This 5 mile loop around Greenfield Lake, just south of the downtown area, is among the most beautiful places in Wilmington to walk or jog. The paved path is scenic, has mile markers, and follows the lake shore as well as crossing two wooden foot bridges. This is a peaceful, green, and lakeside stroll that should not be missed.

Halyburton Park

4099 S. 17th Street, Wilmington, NC
58 Acre Halyburton Park is located in the southwest side of Wilmington, near Independence Blvd. This park is handicapped-accessible, a 1.3-mile walking/bike trail covering some beautiful natural areas, and a great path for those who aren’t up to multiple mile walks. However, for those into multiple miles for walking and jogging, a few trips around the path will quickly add up for a longer route.

Empie Park

3405 Park Ave. at Independence Blvd., Wilmington, NC 910.341.7852
Thirty-three acre Empie Park has athletic fields, picnic shelters, a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, restrooms, open space and a senior activity area. This is a large facility with many walking areas, for people and also your four footed friends. This is a fairly popular area, so expect a beautiful walk in the company of many. Once around the loop or multiple times around, again your walk will be just what you need to get up and moving.

Hugh McRae Park

Intersection of S College Rd & Oleander Dr, Wilmington NC
Hugh McRae Park is one of the oldest and best known area parks, locally and in the county. Overall, the park is 98-acres. There is a walking path traversing the park, along the pond and around the park. Its a nice little escape from the hustle and bustle in the city.

Wilmington Riverwalk

Riverwalk in Downtown Wilmington

The Riverwalk

Water St., Wilmington, NC
Wilmington’s Riverwalk fronts many business downtown, along the Cape Fear River. The Riverwalk’s wide boardwalk begins at Nun Street in Chandler’s Wharf and runs more than a mile to the convention center. The Riverwalk, built over several years, is a Wilmington must see spot. Along the Riverwalk at the foot of Market Street, you’ll find a visitor’s information center and berthing for the Henrietta III. While touring the walk, also take in the farmer’s market Saturday mornings, historic and local sailing ships visiting the local docks, or the festivals and shows often held in front of the government center. Not only is the walk beautiful but also houses local, cultural and historic happenings. Its a wonderful place to get a taste of downtown Wilmington at its best!

Airlie Gardens

300 Airlie Road, Wilmington, NC 910.798.7700
Airlie Gardens is absolutely stunning, a staggering 67 acres of flowers and fauna. It has a rich deep history here in Wilmington and well worth a visit. The winding paths through various gardens, each with its own story, provides an excellent though somewhat casual walk…not to mention a great picture taking opportunity. You are able to set your own pace in the self guided walking tour provided. There is nothing healthier than tiptoe-ing through the tulips and gardens, being out among nature, taking memorable photos, and at the same time doing a healthy walk.
Of course, if you’re an off the beaten path kind of person…explore some of the school fields with their beautiful concrete walking paths; visit a quiet neighborhood and take in the beautiful magnolias and camellias; walk around the shops in one of the many Wilmington shopping destinations. For anyone, there is the right location…some are traditional and already blazed and for others, its a freshly cut path. Either way, the avid walker visiting Wilmington will not be disappointed.
Kathy Bentz, Local Wilmington NC Expert
Kathy Bentz
A recently relocated New Englander, enjoying the sunshine, and still finding our way in Wilmington. Looking to become acquainted with the community, and using writing and photographs to record my adventures!!

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